By Steve Jenkins, Robin Page

A nostril for digging? Ears for seeing? Eyes that squirt blood? discover the numerous remarkable issues animals can do with their ears, eyes, mouths, noses, ft, and tails during this interactive guessing e-book, fantastically illustrated in cut-paper college, which used to be provided a Caldecott Honor.

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In case you are a giraffe, you sweep off pesky flies together with your tail. if you are a skunk, you elevate your tail to warn smelly spray is at the method. if you are a lizard, you holiday off your tail to break out. if you are a monkey, you cling from a tree via your tail. in case you are a scorpion, your tail can provide a bad sting. What do you do with eyes like those? in case you are an eagle, you see tiny animals from excessive within the air. in case you are a chameleon, you glance methods straight away. if you are a four-eyed fish, you glance above and lower than the water even as. if you are a bush child, you employ your huge eyes to determine in actual fact at evening. in case you are a horned lizard, you squirt blood from your eyes. What do you do with toes like those? in case you are a chimpanzee, you feed your self along with your ft. in case you are a blue-footed booby, you do a dance. if you are a water strider, you stroll on water. in case you are a gecko, you utilize your sticky toes to stroll at the ceiling. if you are a mountain goat, you bounce from ledge to ledge. What do you do with a mouth like this? in case you are a pelican, you utilize your mouth as a internet to scoop up fish. in case you are an egg-eating snake, you utilize your mouth to swallow eggs better than your head. if you are a mosquito, you employ your mouth to suck blood. in case you are an anteater, you trap termites together with your lengthy tongue. in case you are an archerfish, you capture bugs via capturing them down with a move of water. NOSES The platypus, a truly strange animal, lives in streams, ponds, and rivers in Australia. it is a mammal, however it lays eggs. Its toes are webbed, and the men have toxic spurs on their again legs. Platypus poison most likely would not kill somebody, yet getting spurred is especially painful and will be lethal for small animals. The platypus closes its eyes less than water and makes use of its delicate invoice to discover the faint electrical pulses emitted through its prey. Then with its invoice it sifts even though the dust for those small fishes, frogs, and bugs. Platypuses are typically approximately 20 inches lengthy and weigh approximately five kilos. The hyena, present in Africa and components of Asia, is mostly considered a scavenger. even though hyenas are scavengers now and then, also they are entire hunters, operating in packs to drag down grazing animals which are a lot better than themselves. Weighing as much as a hundred and fifty kilos, the hyena has a really prepared nostril and is ready to observe prey at nice distances. The world's greatest land animal, the African elephant can stand thirteen ft tall and weigh greater than 14,000 kilos. one of many elephant's most original beneficial properties is its lengthy nostril, or trunk. With its trunk an elephant can breathe, choose issues up, suck up and spray water, speak with different elephants, shower, and shield itself. The trunk on my own may well weigh four hundred kilos and be greater than 6 ft lengthy. It has thumblike projections at the finish that let the animal to know the leaves, grass, and fruit it loves to consume. the whole human physique has greater than six hundred muscle groups, yet there are as many as 100,000 muscle mass in an elephant's trunk. the yank alligator is located in swamps and rivers within the southeastern usa.

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