Virgil's nice epic transforms the Homeric culture right into a triumphal assertion of the Roman civilizing project. Translated through Robert Fitzgerald.

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Permit others shear off vast to seaward. ” 215 Heedless, in his worry Of a hidden ledge, Menoetes swung the prow towards the open sea. Gyas back cried out: “Now why endure off? persist with the rocks, Menoetes! ” And at that fast on reflection he observed 220 Cloanthus simply in the back of at the internal music. among the send of Gyas and the rocks He shaved his solution to port, then unexpectedly Shot prior him on the flip and bought away Into secure water, leaving the mark in the back of. 225 younger Gyas flared up now, ablaze To the ground of his soul with indignation, And tears wetted his cheeks. with no inspiration For dignity or the protection of his staff He tossed wary Menoetes overboard 230 Into the ocean. Then he himself as steersman Took the tiller, and as captain cheered His oarsmen as he swung the rudder over, Heading for shore. whilst heavy outdated Menoetes Slowly finally emerged from the ocean backside 235 soaking wet and streaming, up he climbed and sat Atop the dry ledge. Trojans had laughed to work out His plunge, his swimming, and now laughed back As he coughed up sea water from his chest. To the 2 at the back of, to Mnestheus and Sergestus, 240 The chuffed proposal had come of passing Gyas, Now he had misplaced speed—and Sergestus led, Nearing the rock, notwithstanding no longer through an entire boat-length, For Seabeast via her prow got here up along. Mnestheus on his catwalk fore and aft 245 among the oarsmen prompt them on: “Now pull, Pull for it! nice Hector’s partners in palms, selected in Troy’s final hour for my group, Now carry to endure the energy and nerve you confirmed 250 In Gaetulan Syrtës, within the Ionian sea, within the assaulting waves off Malea! no longer for the 1st position, no longer for the victory now Am I, Mnestheus, contending; although I want— yet permit the winners be your offerings, Neptune! — 255 in simple terms, to come back in final, that’s shameful. Fellows, Win simply this, maintain us from that shame! ” They stretched forward for strokes and pulled their hearts out, Making the beaked hull shake at each stroke, And sheets of sea have been yanked, it appeared, from below them. 260 Panting racked them, dry-mouthed, and the sweat Ran down in streams. yet really, likelihood introduced them the wished-for glory. As Sergestus In his wild zeal entered the chance area And became his prow in towards the rock, his good fortune 265 Failed and he struck on an outlying reef: A grinding blow, oars shivered, hitting rock, And the hull hung tipped up the place it went aground. With a noisy shout the sailors heaved jointly, Backing water, then introduced boathooks out 270 And pikes, retrieving cracked oars from the ocean. Mnestheus in the meantime, extra ardent for his success, together with his quick oars in line, the wind at the back of him, Took the shoreward leg via open water. As a wild dove while startled into flight 275 Beats her affrighted far more than the fields— A dove whose cote and soft nestlings lie In a rock cranny—with quickly clapping wings, yet quickly in quiet air is going floating on With wings prolonged immobile: in order that 280 Mnestheus, in order that the Seabeast cleft the ocean, working for the house stretch, and in order that She glided, borne via her personal impetus.

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