By Euripides

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From might be the best of the traditional Greek playwrights comes this choice of performs, together with Alcestis, Hippolytus, Ion, Electra, Iphigenia at Aulis, Iphigenia one of the Taurians, Medea, The Bacchae, The Trojan Women, and The Cyclops.

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Hail, daughter of Zeus, and baby Of Leto . . . with no evaluate one of the undefiled Who reside within the heavenly halls Of your noble father’s court docket— The golden palace of Zeus. Hail, most pretty girl Of Olympus’ appealing girls: Artemis, hail! [End of Chanted discussion. HIPPOLYTUS steps as much as the statue of ARTEMIS, takes to the air his garland, and locations it on her altar] HIPPOLYTUS: girl, Mistress, right here I deliver you this garland chain of plants: plants from a meadow none have trampled, a pasture by no means pastured by means of any shepherd together with his flock: a place no sickle involves yet in basic terms the winging bee in spring; a purlieu watered like a backyard via the deity Devotion. There the natural of middle, they simply, the certainly fresh of dwelling, might assemble plants. So, my woman, sweetest queen, deign to take from my worshiping hand this garland of mine to bind into your golden hair. basically to me between all mortals has this grace been given to be with you and speak with you: to listen to your voice although by no means to determine you head to head. As i've got began my coil of lifestyles, so might I by no means stop. FIRST EPISODE [An previous RETAINER who has been listening steps ahead] RETAINER: Prince, in terms of calling upon the gods, our lords, will you're taking a bit suggestion? HIPPOLYTUS: after all, in any other case i'm a idiot. RETAINER: do you know of ways of the area? HIPPOLYTUS: now not I . . . What are you hinting at? RETAINER: The avoidance of aloofness and conceitedness. HIPPOLYTUS: And rightly so. The thoughtless are odious. RETAINER: And there’s grace in friendliness. HIPPOLYTUS: There definitely is. And earned with so little attempt. RETAINER: yet do you're thinking that this is often additionally precise of the gods? HIPPOLYTUS: after all, if mankind will get its codes from the gods. RETAINER: Then why are you above saluting a undeniable august goddess? HIPPOLYTUS: Which? be cautious of a slip of the tongue. nine RETAINER: Her statue stands correct via your gates—Aphrodite. HIPPOLYTUS: I’m no longer attracted to sex—I preserve aloof. RETAINER: certainly! yet she’s a hallowed goddess, a glory for mankind. HIPPOLYTUS: i do know, yet just like the gods, a few decide on something, a few one other. RETAINER: That’s stable judgment—may it consultant you to sturdy success. HIPPOLYTUS: I don’t like deities that flourish after darkish. RETAINER: all of the similar, my boy, it will pay to teach recognize. HIPPOLYTUS: [turning to his entourage] Into the home, fellows, and spot to our dinner. There’s not anything like a whole board while the quest is finished. [Signaling to a groom] You there, rub my chargers down. while i've got eaten good i would like them harnessed to my chariot. I suggest to provide them an intensive exercise routine at the song. [Addressing the RETAINER] As for this Aphrodite of yours, I wave her an extended farewell. [HIPPOLYTUS strides into the palace through his partners, leaving the outdated RETAINER status by myself. He lifts his fingers in the direction of the statue of APHRODITE] RETAINER: Aphrodite, my woman, we mustn't ever replica younger males in suggestions like those. In such phrases as a slave may well use, permit me to bow in prayer ahead of your picture right here.

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