By Robert A. Kainer

Remarkable accuracy and gorgeous unique art are only positive aspects readers will locate during this new source, offering a easy beginning in household huge animal anatomy. Its targeted association contains the anatomy of all organ structures within the quite a few species, defined in a constant manner.

The ebook offers proper anatomy of the next species:

* Horse (with members by means of Dr. Gayle Trotter)

* Ox (with contributions through Dr. Fran Garry)

* Sheep and goat (with contributions via Dr. Joan Bowen)

* Llama and alpaca (with contributions by way of Dr. LaRue Johnson)

* Swine (with contributions via Dr. LaRue Johnson)

* and poultry (with contributions by way of Dr. John Avens).

beneficial properties that increase understanding:

* conscientiously chosen labeling is helping scholars research and be mindful constructions and relationships.

* female and male of a given species are depicted on dealing with pages in order that topographic anatomy is simple to compare.

* constructions universal to numerous animals are classified a number of instances, while detailed structrur5es are categorized purely on one or species so scholars could make speedy differences of the constructions atypical to sure animals.

* An creation presents readers with a heritage in nomenclature and anatomic orientation to allow them to enjoy the atlas whether they lack education in anatomy.

The Atlas depicts topographic relationships of significant organs in an easy, but technically actual presentation that is freed from extraneous element in order that these utilizing the atlas can pay attention to the basic points of anatomy.

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Five. 18 family members of the reproductive organs of the feminine alpaca. PLATE five. 1 correct lateral view of a male llama. PLATE five. 2 Left lateral view of a feminine huacaya alpaca. Dorsal vertebral areas are indicated. PLATE five. three physique areas of the llama PLATE five. four Skeleton of the llama. correct lateral view. C = cervical vertebra, T = thoracic vertebra, L = lumbar vetebra, b = bone PLATE five. five Cutaneous muscle tissues and significant fasciae of the male llama. correct lateral view, m = muscle PLATE five. 6 Superficial muscular tissues of the feminine alpaca. Left lateral view, m = muscle PLATE five. 7 Deep muscle mass and in situ viscera of the male llama. Omentum is got rid of. correct lateral view, m = muscle, v = vein, lig = ligament PLATE five. eight Deep cervical muscle mass, in situ viscera, and significant joints of the feminine alpaca. The omentum is got rid of. Left lateral view, m = muscle PLATE five. nine significant constructions of the distal metacarpus and digits. A. B. Palmar view, n = nerve, v = vein, m artery PLATE five. 10 Median part of the llama's head. lots of the nasal septum is got rid of, b = bone, m = muscle PLATE five. eleven A. right placement of a halter on a llama's head. B. incorrect placement of a halter. strain at the nostrils interferes with respiring. PLATE five. 12 family members of the llama's universal carotid artery and jugular vein. A. correct lateral view of the top and neck. B. Cross-section in the course of the neck on the point of the fifth cervical vertebra, m = muscle PLATE five. thirteen Dentition of the male llama. A. correct lateral view of the cranium and crowns of everlasting tooth in situ. B. Ventral view of the crowns of the higher incisor and dogs enamel. C. Dorsal view of the crowns of the reduce incisor and canines tooth. Dashed traces point out the aircraft of sectioning (2-3 mm above the gum [gingival] line) for removing the crowns of deciduous or erupting everlasting dogs and top incisor enamel, b = bone PLATE five. 14 remoted belly and intestines of the male llama. Jejunum is shortened. PLATE five. 15 Reproductive and urinary organs, belly, liver, center, and adjoining significant vessels relating to the skeleton of the male llama. Lungs and intestines are got rid of. correct lateral view. v = vein, a = artery, m = muscle PLATE five. sixteen Reproductive and urinary organs, abdominal, middle, and adjoining significant vessels of the feminine alpaca. Lungs and intestines are got rid of. Left lateral view, a = arterv, v = vein PLATE five. 17 kin of the reproductive organs of the male llama. correct lateral view, m = muscle. resort = lymph nodes, v = vein, a = artery PLATE five. 18 kin of the reproductive organs of the feminine alpaca. Partial median part. Left lateral view. m = muscle part 6 THE SWINE (Sus scrofa domesticus) PLATES 6. 1 correct lateral view of a boar. 6. 2 Left lateral view of a sow. 6. three Carcass cuts of the hog. 6. four Skeleton of the swine. 6. five Cutaneous and superficial muscle groups of the boar. 6. 6 Superficial muscle mass of the sow. 6. 7 Deep muscular tissues and in situ viscera of the boar. 6. eight Deep cervical muscle mass, significant joints, and in situ viscera of the sow. 6. nine Median portion of the porcine head. 6. 10 A. everlasting dentition of the boar.

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