Caused by a global colloquium held on the British Museum in 1992, this booklet is essentially dedicated to the topic of Egypt's kin with the Mediterranean international within the moment millennium BC. the consequences of the awesome discoveries at inform el-Dab'a, the positioning of historic Avaris (the Hyksos capital of Egypt), shape the first concentration, with papers on Egypt's connections with Cyprus and Minoan Crete, and chronological difficulties additionally mentioned. those are put in a much wider context through extra contributions on Egypto-Minoan kinfolk quite often, at the proof for Mycenaeans in Egypt and the presence of Orientalia at Mycenae, on Aegean impression in Egypto-Canaan, at the resources of Egyptian copper and at the nature of overseas trees imports into Egypt.

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36. See Morgan 1988,34, for Aegean examples of either kinds. Gravel or small pebbles in Egyptian portray: Tomb of Kenamun (TT 93), N de Garis Davies 1930, I, pis. xlviii-I, p. 37; n, pI. xlviii A; Nina de Garis Davies 1936, I, pis. xxx, xxxi, mentioned by way of Evans, PM II, 448-50, Kantor 1947,72 (who cites different circumstances) and Smith, Interconnections, 156­ eight. 6 five c C Sl Ii f( \\ 6' ok I: I: pi fifty two. Stucco reduction: PM II, 332-4, fig. 188; Kaiser 1976,284, fig. 461 a-b. For Mycenaean and Cretan examples see Pini 1982, 1985; Morgan 1988,46, with references; Bloedow 1992. 6 6f 6S 37. As within the 'Sacred Grove and Dance' miniature fresco from Knossos (PM hello, pI. XVIIl), fragments of reduction stucco from the North West front (PM III, 167-70, figs. 109B - 113; PM IV, 17, fig. eight; and one of many Vapheio cups, Marinatos and Hirmer, pis. 179, 181, 182-4. ) fifty three. Morgan 1988,44-9. 7C fifty four. Haltennorth and Diller 1980, pI. forty (2), 222-3. 28 fifty five. Marinatos and Hirmer 1960, pI. sixty eight. seventy one tm Kl fifty six. PM 1, 540, fig. 392; Cameron and Hood 1967, pI. D, fig. 6. Evans affiliates the piece with a fraction of a chicken, yet Cameron dissociates it on grounds of fashion. 38. Manniche 1989, 128-9. 39. Cameron 1975, p. 728, col. slide 34 (reconstruction). e ar Fn forty. Evans, PM H, 458, fig. 270; Cameron 1967,45-74, p. sixty four, fig. 6; 1975, color slide 35 (reconstruction). forty-one. Col. pi: Sakellarakis 1978, 121. fifty seven. this present day the serval's habitat is especially primary and southern Africa (Haltennorth and Diller 1980, 226-7), however the ques­ tion of even if it was once formerly indigenous to North Africa continues to be open. See Morgan 1988,41 and notice five. forty two. Thera: Doumas 1992, 19. Kea: to be released by way of the writer (see notice 28); initial ebook, Abramovitz 1980, pis. 8-9c. fifty eight. Marinatos and Hirmer col. pis. XXXV, XXXVII (above), Shaft Grave V; pI. XXXVIII (centre) and 171, Rutsi, close to Pylos. forty three. Manniche 1989, 124-5. Cf. Vede11978, sixty eight. the traditional Egyptian observe for the plant isn't really definitely recognized, although it's been pointed out by way of a few students as ~t-ds. The Theban tomb of lneni (TT eighty one, interval of Tuthmosis I) contains a list of timber in his backyard during which ~t-ds seems to be (Manniche 1989, 10). at the tomb ofIneni see Dziobek 1992; fifty nine. See Morgan 1988,41-4. 2: 19 th Me the tlrf seventy two. seventy three. Pr forty six 60. Morgan 1988, pI. fifty eight. three ­ sixty one. Hood 1978, fig. 174, 177. seventy four. four: 62. See Vandier 1964, Vol. lV, 830-1. in response to Vandier's Ii tof49 deepest tombs with the scene of looking within the desolate tract, canine seem in 34, frivolously disbursed in time, lions look in 15 and leopards in nine (leopard/panther), all within the outdated and heart Kingdoms, with just one example (a leopard) in a N w state tomb. seventy five. See observe 28. initial picture: Abramovitz 1980, pI. 7d (eye). seventy six. See specifically Doumas 1992, pI. 23 (Fisherman), pI. 106 (Xeste three woman). seventy seven. Marinatos 1993, 128-9, figs. 88-93,97-8. sixty three. Muybridge 1957, pI. 127, levels 8-10. seventy eight. Morgan 1988, pI. 126. sixty four. eMS U. S, 276, 277, sealings from Phaistos. In those first extant examples (others will be misplaced) the circulation is ap­ plied to canines instead of tom cats.

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