By Kenneth Carpenter

This review of dinosaur discoveries in Mexico synthesizes present information regarding the geography and surroundings of the quarter throughout the Mesozoic while it used to be the western margin of the traditional continent of Pangea. The publication summarizes learn on a number of teams, together with turtles, lepidosauromorphs, plesiosaurs, crocodyliforms, pterosaurs, and final yet now not least, dinosaurs. moreover, chapters concentrate on trackways and different hint fossils and on K/P boundary (the Chicxulub crater, underneath the Gulf of Mexico, has been hypothesized because the web site of the boloid effect that killed off the dinosaurs). Dinosaurs and different Reptiles from the Mesozoic of Mexico is an up to date, informative quantity on a space that has now not been comprehensively defined till now.

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Zapatadon ejidoensis aff. Opisthias sp. ; Cynosphenodon huizachalensis; Sphenovipera jimmysjoyi Clark and Hernández, 1994 Reynoso-Rosales, 1992 Reynoso and Clark, 1998 Reynoso-Rosales, 1992 Reynoso, 1996a Reynoso, 2005 enamel and jaws point out that the Huizachal taxon is a primitive shape with an easy, brief dentary, huge the teeth, and precision chunk wear-marks. The specimens are similar to the unnamed higher Triassic sphenodontian from Rhodesia defined by way of Gow and Raath (1977) most likely on the topic of “clevosaurs. ” The Huizachal specimens continually have 3 tooth, while the Rhodesian ones have 4 the teeth. also, the final the teeth is erupted within the Rhodesian specimens, while the Huizachal taxon seems to be to not upload the teeth in the back of the jaw. Specimens mentioned aff. Clevosaurus have been first pointed out by means of Reynoso-Rosales (1992) yet are defined for the 1st time right here. usual heritage. The jaws are represented by way of an ontogenetic pattern. Small hatchling enamel are found in small specimens among the 3 higher tooth. those tooth are misplaced in midsized specimens, and the remainder 3 the teeth turn into higher within the greatest, possibly grownup specimens. there's no proof of enamel alternative and teeth seem to develop all through existence. The shortage of fabric prevents a characterization of this reptile’s way of life. “Sapheosauridae” Ankylosphenodon pachyostosus Reynoso, 2000 fabric. IGM 7441 (holotype), a virtually entire skeleton with overwhelmed cranium (Fig. four. 2). IGM 7442, cranium and proximal parts of the suitable forelimb break up in part and preserved partly and counterpart blocks. IGM 7443, nearly whole postcranial skeleton. IGM 7444, Mesozoic Lepidosauromorphs of Mexico forty nine 4. 2. Ankylosphenodon pachyostosus (IGM 7441, holotype), Tlayúa Quarry, decrease Cretaceous. disarticulated postcranial skeleton. IGM 7445, cranium with mineral crystals linked to a number of the anterior part of the postcranial skeleton. IGM 7446, presacral vertebral sequence linked to ribs. IGM 7447, disarticulated postcranial skeleton (Reynoso, 2000). a number of new whole and partial skeletons were recovered. Locality. Tlayúa Quarry, 2 km SE of Colonia Morelos, south of Tepexi de Rodríguez, Puebla, Mexico (Reynoso, 2000) (Fig. four. eight; desk four. 1). Horizon. heart element of the Tlayúa Formation; reduce Cretaceous, most likely higher Albian in accordance with paleomagnetic facts (Benammi et al. , 2006). prognosis. Stout sphenodontian with postorbital cranium zone enlarged; top temporal bar shaped regularly via the squamosal; tooth connected deep in the reduce jaw; non-stop enamel development; no dental regionalization; no flanges on dentary enamel; brief retroarticular technique; pachyostotic vertebrae with swollen zygapophyses, zygapophyses with rounded articulating surfaces orientated within the horizontal airplane; no thoracolumbar intercentra; pachyostotic thoracic ribs; moment sacral rib with 50 Reynoso and Cruz a vast posterior approach; first digit distinctively wide with an enlarged ungual; brief posterior approach on ischium (Reynoso, 2000).

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