By G. E. M. de Ste. Croix

It is a safety of the Athenian democracy via a superb radical historian. Geoffrey de Ste. Croix exhibits how even its oddest gains made experience, and illustrates the several elements influencing Athenian politics--for example, alternate and advertisement pursuits mattered little or no. even though written within the Nineteen Sixties, those hitherto unpublished essays stay clean and cutting edge.

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Forty two; eighty one and one hundred fifty nn. 25–6. The figures for the Lamian struggle of 323–2 recommend, as Jones says, a grand overall no longer far flung 9,000 citizen hoplites—if we do not forget that a few metics additionally served as hoplites (see n. 186 above). 228 Diod. XVIII 18. five (22,000 disfranchised); Plut. , Phoc. 28. 7 (12,000 disfranchised, which i might prefer). Cf. Jac. ii 377 n. sixteen, it seems that equating (a) Zeugitai, (b) o‘pla parex omenoi, and (c) Antipater’s 9,000. 229 e. g. 1266b21–4; 1274a15–21; 1278a21–3; 1282a29–32; 1283a17–19; 1291a 39–41; 1292a39–b2; 1292b25–30; 1294b2–13; 1297b1–3; 1298a35–9; 1303a21–5; 1305b30–4; 1306b6–16; 1307a27–9; 1308a35–b10; 1317b22–3; 1318b27–32; 1320b 21–8; 1321a26–8. Cf. Plato, Rep. VIII 550C, 553A. 230 e. g. Hell. Oxy. XI 2. Endnotes sixty three land but additionally other kinds of estate to be incorporated in a man’s time¯ma. four. Jones231 says of Antipater’s 2,000 drachmae, ‘The determine was once most likely reached via multiplying by way of ten the Solonian source of revenue of two hundred metra . . . , switched over at the Solonian scale of values (Plut. , Sol. 23) into two hundred drachmae; this determine is a bit of proven via the & price of the Lesbian klZroi [‘‘allotments’’] (Thuc. III 50. 2), that have been most likely meant to elevate thetic occupants to zeugite prestige. ’ As i don't think that any respectable qualification can ever were expressed by way of funds income,232 I after all don't think that the yearly source of revenue of two hundred dr. obtained by means of all of the Lesbian cleruchs of 427 may have grew to become him right into a hoplite according to se,233 even though if (as i believe) hoplites turned such via the facility to accomplish hoplite carrier, the ownership of an source of revenue of two hundred dr. as well as no matter what else the cleruch had may possibly rather well guarantee that him to accomplish hoplite prestige. ENDNOTES i (from n. 6). The eupatrid monopoly of the archonship Later (in A 247–8 n. 49), Jacoby argued cogently that Plut. , Thes. 25. 1–2 (forming the sooner a part of Ath. Pol. fr. 2 in Sandys’s version and the OCT, ed. Kenyon, yet passed over from H. Oppermann’s Teubner textual content, fr. 4), the single significant resource to say explicitly an unique ’ eupatrid monopoly of the archonship, within the phrases E ypatr idaiB ’ ’ de . . . parexein arxontaB apodo yB [o‘ QZseyB] ktl. [‘(Theseus) entrusted to the eupatrids . . . the availability of archons’], most likely doesn't come from Aristotle himself yet from ‘an writer who, traditionally of no significance no matter what, defined the kingdom of Theseus evidently below the effect of the Platonic State’: Jacoby indicates Theophrastus, however the resource may be an Atthidographer or a political pamphleteer. Cf. F. R. Wu¨st, in Historia 6 (1957), at pp. 181–2. Ruschenbusch, PP, at p. 415 n. sixty four, thinks the passage in Plutarch is going again to Androtion, yet with no giving purposes. 231 232 advert 142 n. 50. See pp. forty-one ff. above. As believed through Jones, loc. cit. ; Glotz-Cohen, HG II 201; and others. i can't cross into the figures the following, yet i think it may be proved past moderate doubt that an source of revenue of 2 hundred dr. in keeping with 12 months was once very a long way under what used to be had to retain hoplite prestige even within the 5th century, and nonetheless extra within the fourth.

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