By Igor Siwanowicz

This name allows you to zoom in at the world's so much remarkable creatures. in case your baby might be pint-sized like a pipistrelle bat, or see eye-to-eye with a housefly they'd come upon a miniature global of odd physique shapes, bizarre habit, and a few jaw-dropping insights into existence for the very small. due to nature photographer Igor Siwanowicz's fantastic pictures, they could do exactly that. With those fabulous photographs, they'll see in eye-popping pack up aspect how tiny creatures hunt, feed, circulate, live to tell the tale and thrive. There are well-known creatures like flies and beetles to examine, in addition to unique birds, reptiles, amphibians and rodents. become aware of what makes them varied and the way they focus on residing in hugely diverse habitats. With Igor's behind the curtain consultant on how you can picture such tiny beasts, this is often an grand view of nature in miniature.

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